Hydraulic hoses and repairs while you wait. We have a wide range of Hydraulic hose and fittings off the shelf to suit many needs. And if we don't stock it we can order most components for the next day

Hydraulics Hoses and accessories

Hydraulic hose assemblies made while you make, or if you know what you need we can make it in advance. Although the majority of our hydraulic hose goes out the door already assembled, we can also supply hydraulic components, to assemble with your own equipment.

We carry a large stock of competitively priced hydraulic hoses and fittings off the shelf. Including multi spiral up to 1”¼, stainless steel braided PTFE hose, a large selection of 1 wire and 2 wire hoses. We also carry a range of hoses for other applications, PVC hose, multi oil hose, suction + delivery hose, pneumatic hose,and fuel hose.

Along with hydraulic hose we have a wide range of hydraulic fittings and adapters. Including, BSP, Metric, LORF and many more in between. We stock many adapters to cross over relevant threads/ sizes. We also stock a wide selection of reusable couplings covering many threads and sizes.

Our stock

We keep stocks of agricultural quick release couplings, along with flat face quick release couplings for both plant and agriculture. We also stock a basic range of pneumatic and air components commonly found on agricultural equipment.

Here a range of products we stock.

  • Hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Hydraulic hose and fittings
  • Hydraulic adapters
  • Hydraulic quick release couplings
  • Hydraulic reusable couplings
  • Compression fittings and steel tube
  • Pressure gauges
  • Ball valves (high & low) pressure
  • Basic airline and pneumatic components
  • General low pressure hose
  • Suction and delivery hose
  • Cam lock couplings
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